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Typically, a hole larger than 4 inches across needs to be patched with a new piece of drywall. Since you’ll have to cut into the wall in this process you need a professional to find your electrical wires and utilities.

Small Hole
Large Hole
Cut Out the Damaged Area
Cut and Install Support
Drywall Patch
Tape and Seal the Drywall

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size holes can be fixed with drywall?

Generally, drywall compound works best for holes between ½’’ and 6’’. If bigger, the hole would require reinforcement with pieces of drywall, wood strips, mesh, etc.

How can a bumpy wall be fixed?

Our Quick Heroes are trained to determine the best course of action upon assessing the situation in person. However, the general procedure would be to remove the paint, sand the wall well and repaint.

How long does a drywall repair take?

Depending on the size of the hole and the work that needs to be done in general, the process itself can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. The curing process would then take a few days to fully dry.

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