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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a garburator?

Also known as a Garbage Disposal System, a garburator is a small appliance that goes between your sink drain and the piping under the sink which grinds food into tiny pieces that can pass safely down the drain.

What side garburator should I buy?

Every home is different and will require a different kind to suit your needs. When considering your purchase, think about how much power you need it to have based on the amount of people in the home, frequency of kitchen use as well as how much food you expect to pass down the sink. Your Quick Pro can help you pick the right size for your unique situation.

What can I pass through my garburator safely?

This is a very important topic! A common misconception is that garburators can grind absolutely anything but in reality, there are a few things you should avoid because they can cause damage to the appliance and your pipes. Things to avoid include oil/grease, coffee grounds, rice and eggshells. Some larger garburators can process some of these items but it is a safe bet to avoid them when in doubt.